Enviromental Policy

Environment: Corporate Policy Statement

daisyBecause of the ever increasing concern for toxic chemicals in the environment, the management of Reliable Industrial would like to state their position on this very important issue.

It has always been the policy of Reliable Industrial to protect the health and safety of its employees and its customers. Prior to any government legislation being put in place, we had voluntarily eliminated the incorporation of many dangerous and toxic chemicals in our products.

When government legislation such as Transport of Dangerous Goods and WHMIS was introduced, we immediately complied and produced new “full information” labels and material safety data sheets for all our products. Even though we had supplied material safety data sheets on our products for years, we initiated a program to update all our customers with this new information. We trained all our employees in safe handling and disposal procedures well before deadlines allowed by legislation. We made training programs available and assisted our customers in training their employees.

At Reliable we understand the importance of cleaning up and preserving the environment for future generations. No issue is more important. For this reason, we are again reviewing our complete product line and evaluating new technologies that will allow us to make a positive contribution to the environment.